SDL Nobiles glass roof passes heat test with flying colours

Worldwide🕔 18 October 2014

In public buildings, the safety of occupants is paramount which is why Solarlux has to meet strict safety requirements when tendering for public contracts. The company’s thermally-insulated glass roof construction, SDL Nobiles, was recently put to the test for a project at The Mailbox shopping centre in Birmingham.

A Solarlux partner was awarded the contract for installing a roof over the 70m long and 7m wide atrium of The Mailbox shopping centre in April. The client required a thermally-insulated glass roof construction that could withstand a constant temperature of 120°C for 30 minutes without any safety-related defects and Solarlux recommended its SDL Nobiles glass roof with internal structural members from its extensive product range. To prove that these demands could be met, Solarlux underwent a test for the first time by Exova Fire Warrington in mid-May and passed it with flying colours.

In order to test the heat resistance under realistic conditions, all the fundamental parts of the final roof construction were erected in original scale for the test. The central roof panel of the test specimen had a 3.55m overhang and the distance between axes was 1.25m. The glazing weighed 250kg. Another test criterion was to take into consideration the required snow load and the exposed location of the roof. For this simulation, bags of sand with a total weight of 1000kg were placed on the test specimen.

To perform the test, the roof was installed in a furnace of sufficient size and initially heated up to 180°C. The temperature was then reduced to the required 120°C and maintained at a consistent level for 30 minutes. No specific heat protection measures were taken and no special heat-resistant materials were used.

The test demonstrated that the SDL Nobile glass roof could withstand the required conditions and Solarlux was issued with formal certification.

Worldwide🕔 18 October 2014

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