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Regional🕔 28 June 2016

June 28, 2016: How was business for JK Cement in the GCC in 2015? Christer Eriksson: JK White Cement started its commercial operations in March 2014 and since then it is in progressive drive. GCC,is our core market and as new entrant our major focus is to increase our market share. We are selling around 75% of our volume in GCC.

How has business for JK Cement been in the GCC so far in 2016? Christer Eriksson: The year of 2016 is in complete upward swing for us and so far in 2016 has proved to be great start for us.

We understand that your Fujairah plant is JK Cement’s first outside of India. Could you please explain why you selected the UAE for overseas expansion? Christer Eriksson:: Yes Fujairah, UAE operations is company’s first overseas plant. The strategic location of country since it provides ease of connectivity between West and the East. Also that Middle East itself is among world’s largest consumer of White Cement and has highest per capita consumption of White Cement. The most important element is also the availability of high grade limestone which makes UAE the preferred destination to open up a plant in UAE.

How has JK Cement’s Middle East business developed since the establishment of its Fujairah facility in 2013? Christer Eriksson: Since our establishment we have grown exponentially and are now doing business in more than 34 countries globally.

Does JK Cement intend to open any other GCC facilities during the coming years? Christer Eriksson: We are open to opportunities in GCC to grow our market presence, providing the market segments with the right toolbox of products and to continuously be competitive and to meet customer satisfaction.

Does JK Cement intend to grow its GCC workforce during the coming years? Christer Eriksson: The continuous growth in market and exposure which we are looking bounds us to expand our teams.

What are your main priorities for the coming years? Christer Eriksson: We aim to continue our operational excellence in coming years to retain the existing business and gaining access in more countries for long term sustainability, best product quality and our vision of 100% capacity utilization by 2018.

Regional🕔 28 June 2016

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