ZPMC’s Success in Delivering the World’s Largest Fully Automated Terminal

Worldwide🕔 13 December 2017

Opening of Shanghai Yangshan Phase IV Automated Terminal in China

Shanghai Yangshan Phase IV Automated Terminal, the world’s largest fully automated terminal built by SIPG and ZPMC, was opened. Its establishment and operation marks the tremendous updating and significant change that China has made in its operation mode and technical application. It also provides a new power to the Shanghai port to strengthen its leading place in Port Handling Capacity and rank as the number one.

Yangshan Phase IV Automated Terminal has a land area of 2,230,000m2, coast length of 2350m, including two 70,000t berths, and five 50000t berths. The designed handling capacity is 4,000,000 TEUs at its initial phase and can reach 6,300,000 TEUs in the near future. Yangshan Phase IV Terminal is the only fully automated terminal with “China Core”. As the “brain” and “nerve” of the whole terminal, its software system consists of TOS (Terminal Operation System) that is fully researched and developed by SIPG, ZPMC and ESC (Equipment Control System).

As the world’s largest automated terminal in the comprehensive aspect, the automatic equipment in the terminal plays a significant role. All devices and equipment provided by ZPMC for the opening of Yangshan Phase IV Terminal are automated ones including 10 automatic quayside container cranes, 40 automatic rail-mounted cranes, 50 Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV), and double-box automated rail-mounted cranes (put into operation for the first time in global market). The AGV takes the world’s advanced technology - Automated Charging Station Technology, to enable that the change of AGV battery only requires six minutes and battery charging of two hours, whereas, the working time of battery lasts for 12 hours after full charge.

ZPMC has nearly 20 years of experiences in automated terminal industry and has built Xiamen Yuanhai Terminal, Qingdao Port Terminal, and Shanghai Yangshan Phase IV Automated Terminal successfully. In addition, it also has some domestic terminal projects which are being built including automated terminal for Tangshan port, some other overseas automated terminal projects including VADO in Italy and Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, and more automated terminal projects globally. ZPMC has extended its products and services to 99 countries and areas in the world. According to the World Cargo News, the world’s most authoritative magazine in this industry, ZPMC has ranked the first place in obtaining the order of container cranes in 19 successive years since 1998, which created the Chinese myth in Global Port Machinery market.

It is said that ZPMC had held a forum for intelligent solution of global terminals in Shanghai, China, on 7th November 2017. More than 120 enterprises including global renowned shipping companies, port companies and equipment suppliers attended this forum to discuss development.

Worldwide🕔 13 December 2017

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