AESG Signs Partnership with Global Research Giant Tecnalia to Tackle Middle East’s Greatest Urban Sustainability Challenges

Local🕔 9 May 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May, 2017 – AESG, a leading Consultancy practice in the Middle East, is combining its on-the-ground regional expertise with the impressive research capabilities of Tecnalia, through a newly signed partnership for the Middle East. The arrangement will serve as a vehicle to deliver innovative solutions that drive sustainable development in the region, particularly through engagement with regional government and urban planning committees.

Tecnalia has carried out ground breaking research and projects on behalf of the United Nations, European Commission and governments throughout Europe, South America and North America. More recently, the company completed a complex energy mapping project for the Government of Dubai. AESG will enhance its Energy, Sustainability and Environmental consulting service lines through the application of the latest research and technological advancements generated by Tecnalia’s team of over 1,400 R&D professionals.

As an Emirati owned and operated firm, AESG is deeply committed to helping secure a sustainable future for the region. Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG, said, “This partnership is based on perfect synergy between each organization’s objectives. We will apply the latest research and technological innovation in the world to the specific challenges in the region and together, we will drive large scale sustainability undertakings that address pressing urban development challenges while stimulating economic growth and creating new jobs.”

The companies have clearly identified and outlined some of the prime challenges that plague the region and are keen to work closely with regional governments to solve these. Among the initial focus areas are: • Assisting regional governments in decarbonising their economies to meet their COP21 climate change commitments. • Improving waste management, as the traditional approach of landfilling waste places a large burden to government in terms of land use and cost. The companies hope to instead transform waste into a resource that generates financial returns. • Environmental protection, particularly with regard to curtailing air and water pollution and stemming the loss of biodiversity, through the utilization of research and advanced computational modelling. • Tackling water scarcity and ensuring water security while decreasing dependence on desalination which bears significant economic and environmental costs.

“Tecnalia’s main focus is the application of technological research to drive GDP and business growth,” explained Dr. Javier Urreta, Director of Sustainable Construction Division at Tecnalia. “We will work with AESG to devise solutions that are based on robust research and technological innovation. Leveraging the strong ties our organizations have with regional governments, we will collaborate to solve some of the greatest urban and environmental challenges in the Middle East.”

Photo caption : Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG

Local🕔 9 May 2017

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