The Never Ending Project

Local🕔 22 January 2018

“The Never Ending Project is an international collaboration between ESAG Penninghen, Paris, Melbourne Design Factory at SUT, Melbourne, and the School of Visual Arts Interior Design (SVAID), New York. The project was initiated in Paris, June 2014 by Gérard Vallin from ESAG Penninghen in Paris, Dolly Daou from SUT, Melbourne and Jane Smith from the School of Visual Arts (SVAID), New York. In 2015, the Never Ending Project brief invited interior design/architecture students from the three universities to design a drone docking and control station. The project offered an insight on innovative future spaces for design education and practices through the: creativity of the brief, dynamic teamwork of the international collaborators, and using various technologies to effectively communicate and transfer design ideas between continents. The difference in time zones between Melbourne, Paris and New York allowed the students to work on the project twenty-four hours a day from the 14th-20th of September 2015. The design travelled sequentially from Melbourne to Paris, then New York and the process continued the following day for six days. Every time the design reached a new destination it was adapted according to each of the university’s site restrictions, respecting the differences in the design cultural identities. Innovative educational and technological practices sustained this design process and successfully expanded this six-day intensive design studio beyond the physical walls of traditional design spaces and practices to offer a glimpse of future design environments.”

The Project’s experience was similar to that of a study abroad, where one student from SVAID described it as:

“It was like being in an exchange program for a week,” said Jung-un Sarah Hong.

“Your drawings and your ideas would travel to two different countries before they came back to you. It was amazing to see how the design transformed and adapted to cultures and geographies as it kept circling the globe.”

The outcome was a documented ready-to-build drone docking station, which offered the students a similar experience to working in an architectural or interior design practice.

The replication of this abstract and the Never Ending Project and is prohibited. This abstract was originally published in: “in this place”: Cumulus Association Biannual International Conference proceedings on Wednesday 27 April - Sunday 1 May 2016. The Conference was hosted by the School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University Nottingham, UK.

THE NEVER ENDING PROJECT IS NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE it is an educational project and all copyright belongs to its original authors only. It is strictly prohibited for the Project to be sold or replicated in part or as a whole without the written consent of all the original authors.

Local🕔 22 January 2018

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