Honeywell launced a new range of wiring devices in the Middle East

Local🕔 30 April 2018

Honeywell, a leading company in technological solutions, announced the new range of its contemporary MK Electric screwless wiring devices – MK Dimensions, an end-to-end solution designed for hospitality, residential and commercial developments.

With its broad range, MK Electric’s 'MK Dimensions' features the latest product innovations including integrated USB socket outlets, LED dimmers and multimedia plates. Built on time-honoured MK Electric engineering, it includes a whole host of features that ensure ease of installation, including the front plate multi-lock system, which helps secure front plates on less-even walls, backed out and captive terminal screws and inline terminals. MK Dimensions also offers a modular solution for wiring which is fully compliant with G Mark under the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) regulation. The range is available in eight high quality finishes – metals and synthetics – allowing for scalability within any design, from a typical hotel room to a larger suite, or ‘back of house’ offices, to high footfall reception areas.

The technology comprises of clip-on front plates and functional modules that come with a robust and recyclable protective clear cover plate. This has been designed to safeguard the final front plate against on-site damage such as paint splatter or build up, abrasions from plaster sanding or knocks and scrapes from tools or ladders. The protective covers reduce the risk of loss, theft or damage during installation.

Also included are safety features such as MK’s three-pin ‘child resistant shutter system’ and dual earth terminals, perfect for high integrity earthing applications. MK Dimensions provides architects, interior designers and hoteliers with peace of mind, and comes complete with a 20-year guarantee.

“Our extensive and proven track record in the electrical accessories market enables us to quickly respond to the rapidly changing market. At Honeywell, we focus on introducing new innovations to the Middle East market that enhance customer value,” said Yashdeep Sule, Marketing Director - Middle East, Turkey and Africa, at Honeywell Building Technologies.

“The new MK Dimensions range combines simple, modern design, with practical engineering innovation. Thanks to its stylish, screw-less, design and flexible range of eight modern finishes, it blends seamlessly with every contemporary space and is perfect for every setting. The MK Dimensions range is the culmination of multiple rounds of Voice-of-Customer interviews in the Middle East region with consultants, architects and designers. We have extensively used the Honeywell User Experience (HUE) framework to conceive and deliver this new range which is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain,” Sule concluded.

Local🕔 30 April 2018

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