APID appoints ambassadors for upcoming congress in 2019

Local🕔 24 May 2018

Representatives for the International Federation of Interior Designers gathered to discuss and appoint ambassadors for the upcoming congress in the MENA region.

As hosts of the 13th instalment of the Biannual IFI Congress set to take place in 2019, APID organised a visit for the delegates of IFI to plan the forthcoming event. Founded in 1963, the IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers), is the regulating body for expert architects and spatial designers all over the world. It is an international platform that overlooks the exchange of information, advancement through research and education in the field of architecture and interior design.

APID, a member of the federation, is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting the development of the architecture and design community that is based in MENA ever since it was established in 2005. This meeting was the first out of a series that will be held to discuss plans for the Congress. The agenda of this meeting, however, was unique since it allowed delegates to get a sense of how the architecture and design community of UAE operated and assign renowned personalities of the field to be ambassadors of APID. These ambassadors were not just selected due to their prominence in the design scene, but their levels of active participation and extent to which they have helped the region meet its design goals. A crucial determining factor was also their support of APID, and the title of the ambassador was a way to officially prove it.

Aside from key industry figures who made the cut, such as Esra Lemmens and Laura Bielecki, there were others who were elected and are also part of this ambassador committee. On a similar note, Omaima Ibrahim Mohammed Alrebati, Alison Grace-Gahan and Jane Muff will be joining them. Since business owners will also play an important role in the discussion, personalities like Faisal Ali Raisi and Ayida al Riami were chosen as APID ambassadors. The region’s top design studios would need a seat on the table, which is why designers like Maja Kozel, Indu Varanasi and Pallavi Dean were appointed as ambassadors. Professors of the field make a major contribution in shaping future designers and artists; hence Dr. Gamal el Samanoudy, Carlos Montana, Dr. Nagla Mahmoud, Kristin Lee, Juan Roldan and Annamaria Lambri were elected as well. Due to the organisation’s wide scope, business executives such as Roman Lafner and Samiha Al Hashimi were nominated for the position also.

After hosting IFI events, such as the Bi-annual Congress in 2009 and the General Assembly in 2016, at an international scale, APID is set to hold the next chapter in Dubai. This was only after APID won the bid to host the event in Dubai, at the 12th Bi-Annual Congress which was held in Nigeria in 2017, with a stunning 17 out of 18 votes.

The official sponsors for the Bi-Annual congress are reigning entities in the Middle Eastern economy, such as Emirates Airlines, Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai Tourism and the Dubai Airport. The previous congress which was held in 2017, in Nigeria, was aptly themed as “World-Class Design in Regional Markets: Interior Architecture/Design into the Future” and was organised in a way that allowed further exploration into the prospects of creativity being a driving factor for further socio-economic development.

As for the currently approaching 13th Biannual Congress, the theme has yet to be approved and announced by IFI’s Executive Board of Directors. At first, the theme was set to revolve around how interior design and architecture is shaping and enhancing economies of well-known cities, while Smart City Dubai was to be discussed as a case study but has changed since it was last discussed and a new theme hasn’t been released so far.

Whichever theme is selected in the end, there’s no doubt that it will incorporate the objectives of both the IFI and APID. That is to say, it will improve a society’s experience using advanced design methods that implement an attitude of sustainability and establish better guidelines when it comes to designing experience-oriented spaces. They also intend to improve the education system for aspiring designers who are soon to join the field by maximizing their exposure to its professional aspects.

Local🕔 24 May 2018

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