ViPrint shower trays with a glazed rim available at SARA showrooms

Local🕔 6 May 2018

My shower. My look. – this is the motto of the design concept for the Subway Infinity ceramic shower trays. The shower trays with the innovative ViPrint technology are now also available with a glazed rim, allowing them to be installed not just flush, but also on tiles, a base or a metal frame.

Four design themes, a wide variety of design options The ViPrint design concept consists of four themes that are available in different de-signs. Whether newly interpreted classics, graphic designs, popular tile patterns or natu-ral looks, the innovative ViPrint digital printing technology makes it possible to design the shower area in many different ways. ViPrint combines colours and designs, previ-ously only possible with tiled showers, with the outstanding care and cleaning potential of a seamless shower surface that is free from gaps and joints. In addition, the Class A (PN12) anti-slip finish ensures safe standing in the wet area.

20 different decors are available — all characterised by a high degree of colour stability — for shower trays in 44 commercially available sizes. Custom sizes and dimensions are also available. The glazed rim on shower trays is a new concept. It allows Subway Infinity shower trays printed with ViPrint to be installed flush as well as on tiles, a base or a metal frame.

For installers: Sealing and installation system Because the sealing of baths is subject to different European and country-specific tech-nical regulations and building requirements, Villeroy & Boch, in cooperation with the company MEPA, has developed two sealing sets for the Subway Infinity, Squaro Infini-ty and Architectura MetalRim shower trays: the MEPA Aquaproof Set for corner instal-lation and the MEPA Aquaproof Set for flush installation. Both sets meet all relevant European and national requirements and standards for sealing. Their watertightness has been tested and confirmed (MEPA certification) in accordance with ETAG 022 (guide-line for European technical approval for sealing systems for walls and floors in wet rooms).

Furthermore, there is also an installation system for Subway Infinity that simplifies the fitting process. The shower tray is available for 44 Subway Infinity shower trays meas-uring 80 x 75 cm to 160 x 100 cm. Special sizes and shapes are also available on request. Detailed installation instructions and product descriptions can be downloaded from the Villeroy & Boch website.

Local🕔 6 May 2018

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